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Leverage Funnels Network is an easy to use, yet very powerful, do it yourself funnels/ad creation service. It’s so easy to use even the most clumsy, inexperienced users can create professional designs without having a nervous breakdown!


100'S Of Templates

We have hundreds of professional designed templates in several different categories. Banners, Website buttons, Peelaway ads, Splashpages, Login bonus and Squeezepages!

User Friendly Visual Builder

Our system is easy enough to use for beginners and still powerful enough for those with advanced design skills. No steep learning curves like Photoshop or Gimp.

We Host It!

Finally, a program that doesn’t require you to have a hosting account or one that recommends an unreliable image hosting service. Once you have created your design, it is automatically hosted with us for the lifetime of your account.


Leverage Funnels functions 100% online, so there is no software to download and you can use it on any computer and mobile devices on the go. Perfect for the Millenials’ modern lifestyle.

Too many times I get asked by my followers what’s my secret, what’s the software? And I reply, there is no secret, and I only use a simple software to build my presence online to create simple one page websites to build my brand and presence online and offline.

Far too many times, after a quick preview of the system I’m using to make money online, the majority of the users ask if I can do it for them.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time to help everyone, but if everyone is willing to collaborate, then I can easily help a limited number of people, who are willing to work to achieve their goals and success.

Leverage funnels network is the perfect tool for the job.

Jose Nunes

Certified Marketing Professional, From How to video & Marketing


The Leverage Funnel Network has changed my life. It’s so quick and easy to use and I can edit it on my mobile phone while I’m on the move, fantastic!

Carla Lourenco

Editor, Social Blogger

As a total technophobe, I am scared of trying anything new on the computer. So, if I can do it, anyone can. It’s really simple, but effective.

Linda Roberts

Editor, Wales Express News

I’m new to the world of internet marketing, at first I was afraid, I was petrified. After talking to Jose, and having him explain the Leverage Funnels Network, it was a walk in the park.

Mario Ponte

Affiliate & Video Blogger, Mario Ponte Services

This is it! I’m always on the go, the freedom of the Leverage Funnels Network and its mobile capabilities is just what I need, perfect.

Lourenço Lourenço

Coach, Fitness Blogger

I’ve been working with Jose for many years, this is the breakthrough in the world of blogging and editing on the go. This is it, God Bless.

Darrell McCutchen

Affiliate & Video Blogger, Indiana Matters

I’ve known Jose for three years now, he’s always researching for perfection and I absolutely love the Visual Builder. Very easy to use.

Bel Spencer

Therapist, Retreats, Therapies

The internet is a load of gobbledygook as far as I’m concerned. I need something simple and effective and with the Leverage Funnel Network I have found it. It does the job.

June Renewed

Small Business Owner, Renewed Health

Technology really isn’t for me. I get very confused when trying to make updates. Leverage Network collaboration and Jose’s skills really is the missing piece of the puzzle for my business.

Susanna Terry

Holistic Therapies Coach, Light Touch

I don’t do technical, after seeing a video of Jose’s on YouTube, using the leverage funnel software, and how easy it looked, doing copy and paste, drag and drop, I knew I could do that too.
Hooray for the Leverage Funnels Network, I am actually having fun at the same time as running my business!

Leandra Pascoal


I met Jose through my Dad five years ago, and have been using Jose’s knowledge since then. He helped me start my business from the ground up and I have never looked back since. Leverage funnels are definitely for anyone who is looking to get results for their business and Jose is a lifetime friend for when the tough days come. It never fails to amuse me how quickly he turns things around, highly recommended.

Jay Spetch

Small Business Owner, Cosy Gutering Services

I needed to get my trading business noticed and tried everything else, but always kept going back to the drawing board.
After finding Jose on the social networks talking about how to get found, and get noticed, I knew I needed this.
I made my first sale within seven days, now I can see nothing but leverage funnels and Jose’s knowledge for the future.

Pedro DaSilva

Life and Financial Coach, Toastmasters International

Being a personal trainer can be very time consuming, I was finding it hard to find the time to take care of the technical things, as well as keeping my customers in check with the workout regimes, so I needed something simple and user friendly.
Leverage funnels are the key and Jose’s knowledge is priceless.

Hayley Millin

Personal Trainer, Hayley pt

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